From the CEO

Consulting is making a paradigm shift... no longer are clients willing to risk loss of productivity and resources to consulting teams. The current climate dictates that staff members be involved with consultants... working side-by-side during development and deployment of database systems. Charsoft Consulting is dedicated to "growing the expertise of your staff" by providing initial consulting and/or training, and ongoing mentoring to support your company's needs.

Charlene Banks, President

About Charsoft Consulting, Inc.

Charsoft Consulting, Inc. has over 100 years combined experience designing and developing IT solutions for businesses (in both private and public sectors).  With ever-changing technology and the challenge of disconnected data sources, businesses can leverage Charsoft's experience to architect a solution that turns data into information. We create solutions using collaborative tools like SharePoint, database systems such as SQL Server and Oracle, and intuitive front-end design for web and client-server applications. We are also industry leaders in training and mentoring, so our unique blend of application development and mentoring allows companies to get their projects done quickly. At the end of a project, a business has the right solution and a well-trained staff that can maintain and extend the the solution for the long term.

Database Development
Whether your business is using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, or other relational database application, Charsoft can help you successfully use these tools to empower your organization.  We will harmonize and centralize disparate databases so that decision makers will see the "big picture".

Website Application Development
Charsoft has the expertise to build website applications using .Net, Java and ColdFusion. Our extensive experience in JavaScript allows us to create a user experience that is friendly for applications running on a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device. 



Charlene Banks
Bristow, VA  20136
Email:  charlene@charsoft.com
Phone: 703-899-7638