SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint Consulting

Charsoft Consulting, Inc. provides SharePoint Services consulting, mentoring and training to corporate teams of all sizes.  

Assess the Environment

Before you rollout your SharePoint solution, it’s imperative to consider each of the users and what their needs are.  Charsoft will help you assess the needs of each of your stakeholders, and design a plan which suits your needs.


When the taxonomy (hierarchical site breakdown) of a SharePoint application is done correctly, the users can intuitively browse the site collection and find the information that they need.  When it is done incorrectly (i.e. sites are not organized and are allowed to proliferate without any consistent structure), then the end users become quickly frustrated.  This leads to dissatisfaction with all things SharePoint.  It’s very difficult for users to overcome their initial impression of the SharePoint objectives, so make sure it’s a good one! Charsoft helps design your site taxonomy so that it reflects your business and is consistent in design.


With so many users accessing the SharePoint sites, it is imperative that permissions get attention up front, and remains a focal point throughout the lifecycle.  Charsoft helps manage this complex task by providing worksheets which will not only communicate the users’ rights, but also is automatically enforced through the use of scripts

Site Deployment and Maintenance

Development →  Test → Production

Many SharePoint developers will update a live SharePoint site… this is very risky and may result in the production site being unavailable due to developer errors.  Charsoft helps you avoid this trouble by helping you set up three environments: Development, Test and Production.  We will help you write scripts which move content from one platform to another after testing your changes.