Welcome to Charsoft Consulting Inc.

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We bring expertise to your staff! Professionals with many years of experience will personally consult, train, mentor and coach your staff. One on one attention is our primary goal, where we strive to empower your staff with database technology skills.

Teach them to fish...
An old saying goes something like this: "If a man is hungry, give him a fish. You will feed him for a day. Teach the man to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime." It seems that many consulting firms are content to dole out fish, one at a time, to their clientele in order to create a dependency (job security?).

At Charsoft Consulting, Inc., we "teach our clients to fish", by transfering our knowledge to your staff.

An empowered staff is self-sufficient and able to teach others. Our Mentoring Program allows our professionals to stay in touch with your staff and guide them even further along the way.